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From Department Head

Message from Head of Department

Over the last ten thousand years, materials science has been one of the most important and fundamental fields of human life.  Every improvement in the technological capabilities of the human has been enabled by advances in materials. Gold, bronze, iron, glass, ceramics and paper are all examples of materials that have driven progress forward. Today, the correlation between advances in materials science and engineering and the technological progress of the human is as important as it has ever been. Advances in materials processing have allowed to changing our lives.

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering has an important and exciting role in current and emerging technologies and it will help shape the future.  Advances in materials science and engineering influence from transportation to electronic industry, telecommunication industry, aeronautics and space industry, biomedical industry and energy. And materials engineers have been changing the world.

Sakarya University Engineering Faculty Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department was founded in 1980 as Metallurgical Engineering Department at Sakarya State Architecture and Engineering Academy (SDMMA). Its name was changed to Metallurgical and Materials Engineering in 1996 during Sakarya University period.

Today, Our Department is continuing our teaching and research mission with 27 faculty, 17 research assistants, 5 research experts and 4 technical and administrative staffs and proudly serves our city, our country, and the industry. We have teaching and research programs at the forefront of nanomaterials, biomaterials, advanced metallic materials, polymer composites, surface engineering, materials characterization, and among other fields. 1000 undergraduate students, 250 master students and 50 PhD students are studying in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department. Graduates find employment in industry, state agencies as well as universities in Turkey and abroad.

We invite you to join us, to utilize our laboratory facilities and to collaborate with our distinguished academic staff.

Prof. Dr. Sakin ZEYTİN
Head of Department